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It’s finally come to this

Is this the end of times? I read the other day that a bunch of boozy London businessmen openly pissed themselves on an overcrowded train. Yep, it’s finally come to this.  And what about the global mainstreamification of political hate speech? And ISIS? And the next bank crash?

And what are the people of this county doing about it? They’re hooting themselves horse singing, “I see you baby, chicken madras.” One could be forgiven for thinking Armageddon days are here.

Probably best to just not think about it. I’ve already starting thinking about this nice Blurhms shirt. Why don’t you join me.

I popped into Garbstore the other day and checked this shirt out. The images don’t do it justice. The fabric is fantastically heavy and the button stand is darker navy than the rest of it, matching the ribbed collar, which looks like it belongs on a varsity jacket. It’s just brilliant. The white buttons properly pop and the double buttoning on the chest pocket make it for me.


This is absolutely what I should be wearing. But I didn’t buy it. On my visit to the store I’d got it in my head I was looking for late-sale bargains, not full price pieces. So now, days later, my stupid head is constantly thinking about it. As well as the important stuff about the world exploding and that.

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