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That bit there and that bit over there

In some respects this is the ideal Junya Watanabe piece. Basically a sweatshirt, with some stuff on it. Easy to wear, fundamentally useful, not too ridiculous. It’s also priced comparatively reasonably (and I really do mean comparatively) based on his usual swing-ticket policy. It’s £255. Which for a sweatshirt is, I appreciate, buggerising. But for a Junya sweatshirt? It’s verging on a steal. The only respect in which this isn’t ideal is the sizing. Or rather the fact that Goodhood, the only purveyors of this style I’ve found, are out of Mediums. So if you’re a giant or a waif, read on. If you’re sort of somewhere in the middle… may as well sod off.


It’s a colab between Watanabe and Merz b. Schwanen. I guess Merz provided the sweatshirt and Junya stuck some patches on it. Not himself obviously, he’s no doubt got some lackeys to do that bit. I expect he just pointed and said, “that bit there and that bit over there.” But probably in Japanese.


The patches are “65% Cotton, 35% Linen”, according to Goodhood. Not that the percentage of specific fabrics would have any baring on you dropping for this. You’re either in or out on this one. It’s just a pretty expensive sweatshirt. If you have to wear a suit for your work, you’d probably think of this as your ‘going out sweatshirt’. While people who can wear sweatshirts to work would just think of it as ‘a sweatshirt’. That’s all I’ve got. Not really selling this am I.


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