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Chaps chaps?

Regulars will know of my appreciation of all things Engineered Garments – Daiki Suzuki’s study in the retooling of Americana and workwear. Each collection offers a fresh deep dive into obscuro fabrics, occasionally eccentric cuts and a relentless exploration of layering. It is the latter we can presumably thank for the fact that the AW16 collection will offer chaps.


Chaps first cropped up in Spain and by the 1870s, they were commonplace in Texas amongst cattlemen looking to protect their selvage denims from errant horns and the like. So if mentally you associate chaps with cowboys, you’re historically on the money. Though of course, these days you can buy specific chaps for all sorts of activities, from chainsawing trees, to being aggressively sodomised. But looking at these EG examples, I would suggest they rather ignore notions of practicality and focus instead on looking straight fire. Although, you know… chaps? Seriously? I’m not convinced I going there.


Check out the look above. We’re talking ‘business chaps.’ “Fuck love, I’ve got that meeting with the CEO later, you seen my business chaps?” Don’t get me wrong, there are some amazing looking pieces in the whole collection, check it out over at Vogue. The waistcoats are fantastic, the coats, as always, massively desirable. I just can’t see me in spotted chaps, or indeed any chaps. Double-trousering? It’d have to get a fuck load colder before I entertained that.


  1. Mr Brown

    They’re brilliant. I’d definitely, without question, have unparalleled respect for someone in any of those.

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