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Poke it with a garden cane

The t-shirt/shirt combo is my go-to as the world beings to broil. Fucking stupid sun. Sharding through windows obscuring my laptop screen. Rendering 80% of my wardrobe unwearable. Making late afternoon drinks parties an ordeal of steaming perspiration, warm beer and fidgety, undercooked conversation. The… Read More

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Too council estate photoshoot?

At odds with yesterday’s VISVIM denim simplicity, here’s a profoundly busy and serpentine rendering from Comme’s head boy Junya Watanabe. Is it me or is Watanabe’s work looking dated? Has it in fact for some time? While the North Face backpack cum coats grab the… Read More

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Are Junya shirts still a thing?

Another season, another selection of Junya Watanabe workwear shirts. I’ve got to come clean, I’ve never owned one. Mostly because they’re bananas-expensive. But also because come sale time, there are only size smalls left, or styles that are so dangerously gaudy you’re not allowed to… Read More