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Online Ceramics: somewhere within the smog of a shisha pipe

Listen closely and you can hear the sitar. This is Online Ceramics, an LA based t-shirt brand, up to their necks in psychedelic shenanigans, full-spectrum shrooms and the language of altered consciousness. Who are you? Who am I? In the world of Online Ceramics the answer to both is somewhere within the smog of a shisha pipe. Safe to say it involves waving goodbye to inhibitions, knocking back a shot of peyote and sacrifice your first born to a god with the head of a horse and the body of a smaller horse.

The brand has recently teamed up with entertainment company A24 and produced a bunch of tees and sweats celebrating recent horror films The Witch, Hereditary and Midsommar. And these pieces are fantastic. Placing the new within the cut-‘n’-paste context of the 80s American drive-in; all crude graphics, slab-serifs and screaming slogans.

But the day-to-day Online Ceramics offerings deserve attention too. Each one is hand printed and manages to sacrifice the visual grammar of psychedelia on an alter of ‘what the fucking fuck’? Intense is one word. Irresponsible is another. Because any one of these pieces will  dissolve your retina in a (recyclable) goblet of hydrofluoric.

The foundation is frequently tie-dye, then it’s anything goes – a chaos of skeletons (some mountain climbing, some playing the piano) eco politicising, pianos, roses, magical plants, butterflies, the Statue of Liberty wearing a skull mask… Revel in the clumsily beautiful illustrations, the wayward typography, the badges, branding and bones. Make no mistake, these are the best tees on the market right now.

I’m not even sure it’s that much of a jump to insert one of these into the kind of attire we usually discuss. I can see even the fiercest example sitting well within a plainer fit from Monitaly, EG, Nanamica or VISVIM. Full disclosure: my girl has just swagged the last The Witch tee from Dover Street and I’m jealous. I’m having an Online Ceramics moment; I must own something from this brand. And quick. I hear the Wiccans are recruiting; they’ve got a very liberal policy concerning pharmaceuticals.

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