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Story MFG: as brown as a shaman’s pâté

Floating in from a similarly hallucinogenic mindset as yesterday’s Online Ceramics, here we have the latest from Story MFG. Again we’re liberated from bothersome rules and best practices and dunked headlong into an LSD-laced apple bob – where the apples are human mushrooms and the water is the sound of a screaming dog. Wrap your sanity in a J Cloth and follow me down the rabbit hole.

You might be familiar with last season’s Story MFG jacketing – shrooms and other paraphernalia of enlightenment featured. But still, looking back at them now, they feel like the warm-up act for this. Just look at it. Most of this jacket is as brown as a shaman’s pâté. But one arm’s blue. Wonky, tie-dyed blue, like a mayonnaise and urinal-cake salad.

Then you’ve got your butterflies and mushrooms; big, confident and beautifully embroidered. Depending on the stability of your mind you’ll find this ornamentation either wonderful, cuddly and friendly, or fucking terrifying. This is Class A mysticism people.

Of course, this being Story MFG the cotton is organic and the whole piece is hand dyed with iron, myrobalan and babul bark. You’ll have no worries here if, like me, you insist that all your clothing features babul bark. And each jacket is different (a virtue of the handmade process) so you’ll be getting a true one-off. Although unique or otherwise, getting noticed in one of these is not likely to present a significant challenge.

As an exercise in psychoactive hooliganism this jacket is positively traumatic. The many queasy details transport it far from the realm of the ordinary. It’s certainly no journeyman, yet ironically it’s perfect to wear on a trip.

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