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A horse blanket for human men

Not sure if I’m down with wearing home furnishings. There’s a lot of it about right now. NYC street-style is full of bros marching about, basically wearing a throw. I guess we’re really talking about shawls. But, you know, throw makes me laugh. Besides, the naming convention is not really the issue here. This is an actual trend for dudes to wear a sort of poncho thing, often with a big felt hat. We’re on some serious spaghetti western tip. Which is appropriate, because while you might take issue with me calling a shawl a throw, this thing is actually called a ‘blanket’, a ‘horse blanket’ to be precise. This is a ‘horse blanket’, but for human men. Dunno about you, but I think the idea’s very unstable.

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This is by Research (formally known as General Research) a Japanese brand run by a dude called Setsumasa Kobayashi. According to Garbstore there have been a number of collections – “Prisoner Research, News Boy Research, Riding Research, Naval Research, Hunting Jacket research and regular winter collections of Mountain Research“. One might assume we’re looking at Clint Eastwood Research, but apparently not. According to this label…


It’s Horse Blanket Research. Or is it just a horse blanket, by Research? Does anyone reading this care? Is anyone actually still reading about this fucking man’s horse blanket?


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