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Just because you’re not doing anything, doesn’t mean you’re not achieving

Believe brotherman. It’s a Saturday night in, you’re tucked up on the sofa with your boo, prodding at a Jalfrezi, that dude off Eastenders has just copped a couple of Strictly 9s and yeah, you’re getting a bit misty. So your boo’s all up in you for crying like a bitch. But she don’t understand yo, Jalfrezis can be all sorts of hot. Besides, Jake’s killing it for the bros.

Either way, just cause a dude’s surfing the sofa, doesn’t mean you let the fire go out on your look. If you’re lounging in three-quarter length cargos and a faded Chemical Brothers T, you’re diseased bro. After Ebola, Marburg and Rotavirus, I’ve got it on good authority the World Health Organisation is gonna target paunchy, middle-aged dudes, in shit-awful 90’s casualwear.

If you’re reading this, that ain’t you bro. So get involved with the Sleepy Jones range. This is elite loungewear. Hi-steez kit for just lying around in. Ideal for the dude who understands that just because you’re not doing anything, doesn’t mean you’re not achieving.


I’m all about this camo lounge suit. It comes correct with Japanese cotton fabric, contrast piping, French seams, button cuffs and a chest pocket.


Apparently it’s, “made to be worn in or outside of the bedroom, and won’t put up a fuss if you throw it on under a blazer.” Jimmy-jams under a blazer – that’s the Strictly thug life right there.

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