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Go on, pull your weight on this thing for once

Want to know what I know about this Neighborhood jacket? Nuffin’. That’s nothing, but with some ‘f’s and no ‘g’. It still means nothing. Nothing is what I know. No. Thing.

I mean, I know it exists. And I gather from this FB feed that you can get it from Surrender Raffles Hotel. I don’t know what Surrender Raffles Hotel is. I suspect it might be one of those real-world ‘places’ you actually have to ‘go to’ to buy stuff. If that’s the case, it’s massively inconvenient. Because I’m sure Surrender Raffles Hotel isn’t in Peckham.


Anyway, it’s sort of denimy, jackety and has buttons and rivets and that, which make it look a bit weird. But, it’s the unnecessary and diabolically impractical straps on the pockets that make me want to drop my filth all over it. But I can’t. I don’t know where to buy it. I have looked. Just can’t find it. Check Neighborhood’s site if you don’t believe me? Go on, pull your weight on this thing for once.

Now I look again, I don’t even know how cool it is. Pair it with the wrong kit and you’ll look a bit try-hard. Rocking too many deets for one bro. A bit Slovakian tourist. Yeah. Actually. Forget it. If you do find any info on this, don’t bother telling me. It’s all yours. I genuinely don’t care any more.

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