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Penniless writers, meet your Busman’s sweatshirt

Scrape your living with words? What could be more pleasurable than a garment that constantly reminds you of that fact. Editors, Sub-Editors, freelance scribes, celebrate your status as an underpaid, ‘content’ drone. Rejoice that your passion for creating is rewarded with a smaller pay cheque than people who pick up the phone and ask other people if they want to buy something. Give praise, as the amount of ‘content’ you’re expected to produce increases, while your pay remains the same. Assuming you could afford it, which you can’t, this is the Busman’s sweatshirt for you.

band_fall2_84  band_fall2_86band_fall_002_c079c541-8820-43d1-b269-096aaf32cf9c

It’s from Band Of Outsiders, it’s covered in Lorem Ipsum, and costs 295 USD. So a couple of hundred real pounds.

Apparently the collection is, “inspired by the death of the newspaper.” Which is sweet.

band_fall_001_926f00bd-d67a-4bb0-93a0-9f266d3ed24b band_fall_003_6eaeb315-d303-48c9-a902-559962652d62

They do a hoodie too and… God this is depressing. Still, I guess I contribute to the erosion of the print in my own way. Just think of all that GQ Tigre Brocante, Engineered Garments and Nanamica coverage I’m making redundant through this blog. Hang on, my bad, there isn’t any. Those brands don’t buy GQ advertising.

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