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Psychedelic Muslimist madness

New year is all sorts of confusing. Post Christmas, the wallet is still bruised. But the sales are on and there are stone cold bargains to swag. My boo is telling me some sale boots I’m considering look like something Mr Tumnus would wear. But… Read More

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Stimulating scarfcraft

Usually bros keep their winter coat game locked in a penitentiary of navy and black. I get that. A coat’s large bucks. Broheim can’t be tossing mad-stacks on a fucking tapestry. What happens if you tire of the patterning? Or worse, you start hearing, “Yo,… Read More

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A horse blanket for human men

Not sure if I’m down with wearing home furnishings. There’s a lot of it about right now. NYC street-style is full of bros marching about, basically wearing a throw. I guess we’re really talking about shawls. But, you know, throw makes me laugh. Besides, the… Read More