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I don’t buy a lot of blankets

Where do you stand on the idea of ‘wearing’ a blanket? I guess unremarkably, I tend to stand lying down underneath one. I find when accessorised with pillows and a bed they create a useful environment for nodding the fuck off. Junya Watanabe is going a different route here. This heavily embellished piece of homewear, is apparently also bodywear. So you could be curled up underneath it on the sofa watching Take Me Out: The Gossip, before throwing it over your shoulders for a quick livener down the pub. I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what Mr Watanabe has in mind.


As is sadly often the case, there’s not much on Goodhood’s site to give you a sense of why this thing exists. It’s a 100% cotton base blanket, it’s got a 100% Polyester Fringe, it’s made of linen blend patchwork, it’s 155cm x 90cm and it’s got a crocodile on it. That’ll be 660 quid please.


Maybe 660 quid for a blanket is the norm? I don’t buy a lot of blankets. But I can’t help feeling a bit like, 660 quid is quite a lot for a blanket. And as such, I do wish stores would spend a bit more time giving me some backstory – just some flannel about it being the year of the crocodile for some obscure tribe in Kenya or something. If I’m going to drop £660 on a blanket, the least they can do is insult my intelligence with some superficial, under-researched, inspirational-puff. Goodhood should take a lesson from the grammatical wizards over at Union.

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