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The hat a computer would wear

Hats. It’s been a while. But here’s a piece straight out of left-field. It’s the Flexfit Delta Mesh Bucket Hat from White Mountaineering. Featuring a, “a circular punch-hole mesh design” (for the layman: it’s got holes in it) this is some kind of stand-out bonnetry. I dunno what “Flexfit delta material” is, other than it consists of  92% Polyester and 8% polyurethane – either way, there’s a techno-futurist vibe to this. If you’re planning a fishing trip to Saturn, you’ll probably want to toss one of these in your cryo-chamber.

There’s quite an excessive amount of branding, I count three acknowledgements of heritage on there – a punch-hole W, a printed logo and a white badge thing. That’s quite a lot of ‘look the fuck at me’ for one hat. Still, for those interested it’s a round and robust £100 over at Oki-Ni and, to be fair, if you’re dropping a ton on a headpiece, you’re probably looking for some serious USPs.


Other than pointing out that it looks like the hat a computer would wear, there’s not a great deal else to say. I would very much like this hat. Please don’t buy it before I do.

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