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Bru Na Boinne doesn’t fuck with polite

It’s not often you get a reversible jacket both sides of which are off-the-charts cray cray. Usually one side is a polite, lunch with the in-laws affair, while the other side gets bongoed-up on Spice in a Dalston car park. This oddly named ‘Owl Jumper’ from Japanese imprint Bru Na Boinne doesn’t fuck with polite. One side is covered in pineapples. The other features an embroidered owl and the word ‘Mysterieux’. This is pharmaceutical grade insane – you’ll need to be double the man to take it on.

bru_owl1 bru_owl8

As well as being a split-personality dude (both personalities being Driller Killer bonk-bonk) you’ll need some mad stacks too. You’ll have to be comfortable in the ‘£555 quid for a jacket called a jumper‘ landscape. This is admittedly something of a rarefied environment. Still, you’ve got to admire A) Bru Na Boinne’s commitment to textile based irresponsibility, and B) the level of quality at play here.

bru_owl5 bru_owl3 bru_owl11 bru_owl6 bru_owl9

For all it’s frivolity, this is not a frivolous piece. It’s actually the kind of thing you can pull out the wardrobe for years to come – deployed with care, it’ll make an impact over and over. I’d keep it on lock on a day-to-day basis though and unleash it only on very specific and well spaced occasions. Of course it’s your call, wear it every day for all I care. Just expect people to start whispering ‘Owl Man’ as you walk past, and you’ll probably start appearing on police ‘one to watch’ lists.

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