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Fashionably obscure references to indigenous peoples

Keen observers of #menswear may well look upon this garment and decide that it’s a shirt. A short sleeved shirt with some blue and red stuff down the sides. A fact that illustrates just how little, as a keen observer of #menswear, you actually know. This is clearly a jacket foolio. I know this, because it says so here.


It’s called the Mara Jacket and it’s by OAMC. And even though it buttons up rather like a shirt and it’s got short sleeves like a shirt frequently has, and jackets rarely have, it’s a jacket. It’s called a jacket. And in case you were still on the fence, they’ve gone and priced it like a jacket, so there can be no confusion. Hold tight jackets-that-look-like shirts-but-definately-aren’t fans, this thing will rupture you a grotesque £523.

OAMC_Mara_Jacketx-3 OAMC_Mara_Jacketx

Course, you get what you pay for. And in this instance you’re paying for a garment ripe with fashionably obscure references to indigenous peoples. According to retailer Union, “OAMC draws inspiration from the Maasai people of Tanzanian and Kenyan, but in a very subtle way…” I’m assuming this subtleness extends to Union’s approach to proofreading – one assumes they meant Tanzania and Kenya?

OAMC_Mara_Jacket-3 OAMC_Mara_Jacket-2

Grammatical gaffing aside, I still struggle with the whole, “but in a very subtle way“, description. Union go on to say that, “the Maasai people have a very distinct way of dressing that involves bright red and blue colors, check patterns…” And I don’t know about you, but to my mind, there’s little subtlety to the large panels of red and blue check on this thing. Oh what do I know? At first glance I thought it was a shirt.


  1. Mr Brown

    According to Maasai people of Tanzania and Kenya, “ we have very distinct way of stitching up cultural tourists. We get out the TFL upholstery manual and tell them it’s swatches for our garbs. On their own those lyrics won’t stick, so we tone them down with ‘but we only use these in a very subtle way’ ”
    They continued, “We’ve got a oner down with Daiki Suzuki on who sells the most, our TFL clobber or his chaps. Keeps the whole game a bit lively if you will?”

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