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Experience this experience

For fans of middle-aged blokes walking round Peckham wearing clothes, I present another streetstyle experience. Everything’s marketed as ‘an experience’ these days. So I thought I’d coin the term to describe the act of clicking on ‘read more’, before idly glancing at some pictures of an idiot in a woolly hat. I mean technically, it is an experience.

white trousers.004

For those interested, I’m ‘experiencing’ a pair of natural coloured jeans by Ordinary Fits. And in almost every respect I’m also experiencing a navy wool shirt from Lemaire, a pair of leather McKinleys from Nepenthes, a wooly hat from Kaptain Sunshine and a sort of collarless coat/robe thing from orSlow.


white trousers.003


white trousers.002

If you’re interested in either the jeans or the robey/coaty thing you should check out Alpha Shadows. Although I’m aware, I have been name checking that store a lot lately. I don’t want people to think there’s something compromising about my relationship with AS. In fact, forget I said it. Don’t go to Alpha Shadows and buy some kit. Don’t go there here. Or here.

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