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Really specific

To go to the trouble of ordering a really specific pair of jogging bottoms all the way from Japan, I expect you’ve got to be a really specific type of dick.  Hello. Welcome to my site.  I’ve spoken about these trousers before; Needles, only available… Read More

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You should pity me

If there’s any pretence in these images that I’m actually going somewhere, it’s exactly that, pretence. The only somewhere I was heading, was out into the street, to get snapped, as quickly as possible, dicking about in my new Comme des Garçons Homme pieces like… Read More

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Experience this experience

For fans of middle-aged blokes walking round Peckham wearing clothes, I present another streetstyle experience. Everything’s marketed as ‘an experience’ these days. So I thought I’d coin the term to describe the act of clicking on ‘read more’, before idly glancing at some pictures of… Read More

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An editorial, apparently

So here’s me in what they call in the fashion game, ‘an editorial’. As far as I can make out ‘an editorial’ basically comprises shots of the subject staring out of shot and squinting, a bit like they’re thinking deep thoughts. These are mixed with… Read More