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Really specific

To go to the trouble of ordering a really specific pair of jogging bottoms all the way from Japan, I expect you’ve got to be a really specific type of dick.  Hello. Welcome to my site.  I’ve spoken about these trousers before; Needles, only available through proxy service, only available from Nepenthes in Japan.  Well here they finally are, where they belong, in a park in Peckham.

I’m going for a very Needles look here, keeping things smart(ish) with McKinlays shoes – I don’t think I’d go full sneakers and trackies. For the uninitiated, a peer at some Needles lookbooks will give you a sense of what I’m copying inspired by.


I’ve also got a Needles chore going on up top, a long shirt from Our Legacy and a classic Engineered Garments Upland Vest. And a knitted hat from Kaptain Sunshine just to round off the full nonsense.














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  1. Mr Brown

    Trackies with shoes can have a way of looking like the wearer had an unfortunate accident earlier in the day.
    Could just be me.

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