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Trend is a filthy word

Adding to the list of brands that are probably acronyms but I can’t be bothered to look up what they stand for (see FPAR, WTAPS, etc…) comes OAMC. The gear is designed in Paris and developed in Milan. They do a load of parkas, Ts, wooly hats and sweats, typical streetwear fare. But this Savannah shirt, from the brand’s SS16 drop caught my eye. As unpalatable to think of baseball shirts as a trend, they are one. And ‘trend’ is a filthy word. Still, as they say in fashion, they look good for now. So if you’re the kind of bro who’s happy to look good now and significantly less good later, this might be of interest.


It’s 100% cotton, but with some tonal contrast stuff going on to add interest. There’s also some stitching and a rivet on the left hand top pocket and no stitching or rivet on the right hand one – that’s asymmetric detail people.

OAMC-Savannah-SS-Shirt-Navy-3_2048x2048 OAMC-Savannah-SS-Shirt-Navy-7_2048x2048 OAMC-Savannah-SS-Shirt-Navy-1_2048x2048

Genuinely, I like two things about this kind of top. Firstly, I think they look strong layered over another regular collared shirt – as an alternative for reaching for a sweater. I also enjoy wearing an unstructured blazer or overcoat over the top, and strutting about with my hands in the pockets of the shirt. In fact, I think strutting about with my hands in pockets built into shirts or knitwear currently represents the most enjoyable thing in my life. Buy this and you can be that happy.


  1. Mr Brown

    Are you a Doctor here to save my life? Or an out field slugging home running game saver?
    You’re a mystery.
    An insouciant mystery.

  2. Andrew

    Echoes of YMC’s recent baseball shirts but definitely stronger on account of the pockets. Nice.

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