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A well-meaning but infuriating barrage of questions

So, this Meanswhile jacket is made from their trademark ‘Memory Peach’ polyester fabric. Get it wet and dries real quick. It’s soft and apparently adapts to your body shape during wear. Which is all cool and futuristic sounding – the kind of details proper tech-clothing geeks like to nod approvingly at. Thing is, I just like that it’s got a wobbly button stand. Not sure if it’s for something. Maybe there’s a pocket in there. I don’t care one way or the other. Basically, it’s got a weird shaped bit on the front. That’s pretty much it for me. Want.

mw_coach7 mw_coach6

There’s also a two-way front zip, so if you wanna get your textbook styling on, you can keep the top zipped and undo to just under the chest. You’ll look a bit Compton. But in a peach jacket with a wavy front.

mw_coach2 mw_coach1 mw_coach3 mw_coach5

I do tend to prefer the peach, or beige if you prefer. The navy is strong and all, just feeling the lighter colours for this shithouse weather we’re enduring. It’s 310 sheets over at Alpha Shadows, which remains the only place in the UK to buy this Japanese brand. You’re not going to bump into anyone else in one put it that way. If, like me, you’ve been searching for a piece that will provoke a well-meaning but infuriating barrage of questions about the function of ‘that wiggly bit on the front’, welcome to your new coat.

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