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An intravenous of Peroni and lime

If you’re into the whole Holby City steez that isn’t taking anywhere by storm right now, get on the end of this. It’s called the Medical Shirt, it’s by Maillot and you can swag it right now over at Japanese, super e-store Strato.


I’m not really one for a big boat neck. Although having said that, today I took receipt of a short sleeved, EG smock. It does actually have a pretty capacious neckline and I’m genuinely trying to wrestle it into a look as I type. Anyway… this Medical Shirt. It’s basically a boxy, long-sleeved T, with poppers on the shoulder and a flash of white over the chest pocket. The rear hem is way longer than the front, which is a cool touch.


If you wanna get your proxy service on, you’ll find it comes out at just over a ton. It’s a strong piece for summer and those wide sleeves would roll up real nice. Just accessorise with an intravenous of Peroni and lime and an expression that suggests you know a few shortcuts around the human anatomy.

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