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Nice coat fella, what colour is that?

Is Our Legacy a little oversubscribed for a forward-leaning menswearman? Bluntly, I mean, are too many other dudes wearing the brand? Is this, still comparatively small Swedish brand, now too big? No question, it’s become the edgy-but-easy-to-wear foundation of many indie retailer’s brand edit. You’ll often find Our Legacy sitting in the mix with heritage brands such as Filson, Carhartt, and Red Wing – brands that can be accused of making quality merch, but hardly of pushing things forward design-wise. I sometimes think this dilution of Our Legacy’s offering does it no favours. Particularly when you see bangers like this parka.


Part of the SS16 Splash collection, it’s basically a loose camo parka, all cotton and rendered in (get this) ‘hibiscus’. Fucking hibiscus. “Nice coat fella, what colour is that?” “Hibiscus mate.” For me, that exchange pretty much sums up life on earth right now.


You can grab this over at Goodhood, or if you prefer, the broswear megatropolis End Clothing. You’ll find yourself three and a half lighter, but on the plus side you’ll own a coat that people will think is pink, but you know is actually hibiscus. Which is sort of a win.


  1. Mr Brown

    Nice colour in the real life.
    Same as the pictures mind you.
    Technology eh.

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