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Native Sons: My inherent shallowness will come as no surprise to regular readers

One of the hinges on my Max Pitton spectacles has broken. My Politicians are disgraced.

Have you ever tried to get the hinge on a non-standard pair of glasses fixed? I’ve been everywhere, in person, online; no one wants to know. I can’t even find a replacement pair of Pitton‘s; I’m wondering if the brand is done.

I’m currently getting by with my emergency back-ups (older, cheaper) but it’s a scenario that cannot be sustained. Every Zoom meeting I take in an inferior pair of spectacles is a step along the path to genericism. I can actually feel my stylistic potency withering.

My inherent shallowness will come as no surprise to regular readers.

So, with Max Pitton seemingly lost in action, I need to form a new optical-brand allegiance and it’s no easy task. I like chunky frames. The Max Pitton Politicians are a chunky as they come and few brands seem to offer anything approaching a similar heft.

Also (and this is crucial) my brand of choice must be suitably obscure. I’ve got a rep to protect. If someone asks me where I got my glasses and I have to say, “Sunglass Hut”, it’s over. I refer you to my previous statement concerning ‘inherent shallowness’.

Moscot aren’t chunky enough and Oliver Peoples feel a bit safe. Matsuda seem to make specs exclusively for wacky art teachers. Cutler and Gross are out because a friend I work with already has the best pair. While the only person on earth impressed by Tom Ford glasses these days is Tom Ford.

Then you’ve got new generation brands like Cubitts, offering contemporary designs at reasonable prices. But of course, I don’t want reasonable prices. I want to spend more than is reasonable on a brand that’s inconvenient to purchase. I want maximum obscurity (at least in the UK) and I insist that my frames have Velma from Scooby-Doo levels of geeky massiveness.

My new brand of choice has to be Native Sons.

[Not much time passes]

I’ve now ordered a pair of Native Sons specs, direct from the brand online store Private Eyes and Trackers. Mr Porter have a few pairs, while Canada’s Haven also stock, but the style I wanted, the Matheson in the Havana colourway, is only available from Japan. When they arrive, I’ll have to get them to an optician sharpish to insert my prescription.

I’m more than aware that ordering something as specific as glasses, on the internet, from a far off land is dicey. But I’ve taken my measurements, checked and re-checked. I’ve mitigated risk as much as possible.

For anyone apprehensive about ordering from Japan, I can say the process was simple enough. Many independent Japanese and South Korean brands are now side-stepping the need for proxy services by offering Shop Pay or Paypal. Which leaves the frequently substantial import duties and postage as the main headaches.

I’m expecting my Native Sons Mathesons in about a week. If I wasn’t such an intolerable snob I’d ask you to wish me luck.

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