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Cubic rooms?

Sometimes, it’s best just to let a brand speak for itself: “Kuboraum are masks designed on the face of those who wear them, masks that highlight personality and emphasize character. The mask is synonymous with mockery, with game. the Kuboraum masks are synonymous with accentuation,… Read More

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I bought a ladies’ coat

Not sure if these are womens’ glasses? Even if they were, it wouldn’t be my first dalliance with female attire. During secondary school I bought a ski jacket. It wasn’t till I got it home that I realised it was a ladies’ coat. Subsequently I… Read More

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10 reasons why ‘The Bureau Man’ is the most important dude in menswear right now

This guy models for The Bureau. If you’ve visited this blog before, you’ll know The Bureau – menswear shop, based in Belfast, massive range of premium imported brands. The Bureau Man is always popping up in ‘how to wear’ shots throughout The Bureau’s webstore. I… Read More