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I bought a ladies’ coat

Not sure if these are womens’ glasses? Even if they were, it wouldn’t be my first dalliance with female attire. During secondary school I bought a ski jacket. It wasn’t till I got it home that I realised it was a ladies’ coat. Subsequently I spent countless terms having to ball it up every time I took it off. No one could read the style label, which simply read “Gina.”

I’m much more gender comfortable these days. In fact I’m not sure why I even think these are women’s glasses? Probably because they are a collaboration between Japanese brand Sacai and London specs label Linda Farrow. I think it’s just the ‘Linda’-ness of the whole deal. Linda. Linda. Just sounds a bit… you know, Linda.

Still. These are damn nice frames. They’ve got navy acetate on the front and a what looks like racing green acetate just past the hinge. I guess they’re really just an aviator style, snazzed up with some placcy. Probably not the best way to sell in a pair of 340 quid glasses, but there you go.

I love ’em. I might buy them. I’ll just run the risk of one of my idiot mates picking them up and laughing at the Linda stamp. Fuck off dildo, they’re not womens’ they’re unisex.

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