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Look upon this youthful earnestness and pine

There are two things you can rely on from Swedish modernists Our Legacy. Firstly, every season there’ll be one stand out banger. Secondly, they offer the most unknowingly humorous style shots in the game. Outrageously bushy and boasting the hue of a gangrenous leg, this cardie was always going to stand out. But it’s the dude wearing this piece that fully blows the doors off. It’s tricky to simultaneously embody a rangy hermaphrodite, a forgotten 70s pop prince and a young Bret Easton Ellis.

Not of course that this look isn’t crazy desirable. Those of us hampered by age, stubbly chins and a creeping waistline bloat can only look upon this youthful earnestness and pine. The presumed joys of gender-play, fearless gazes and kinetic élan are a difficult fit for the over 40s. That said, you could still buy the cardie.

Called a ‘Spaghetti Cardigan’, its ursine nature, and vomitorium colour scheme may immediately switch you off. The price of this piece is a handful too, coming in at £470 on both Our Legacy’s own site and over at Goodhood (at least it’s nice to see Goodhood’s pricing in line with others for a change). But, and it’s a small but, this is a noticeable piece. £470s worth of noticeable? Perhaps not. However if you could swing a discount, or find it saled-up at the end of the season, it might be worth a swag. You may want to think twice about wearing it bare-chested though. Quite a power move that.

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