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Staying up till a million o’clock

You know how patchwork is a big thing in #menswear right now? You don’t? Well it is. It has been for a good while. Can we just pretend that you knew that already? It’ll make the rest of this post make more sense.


As we’ve established, patchwork is a big thing. So much so, you might be negging on its ubiquity (remember what we agreed at the start?) But this here Junya Watanabe piece gives you the benefit of both worlds – both an anti (patchwork is overplayed breh) and a pro (it’s still totally on point) position.


But the weird thing is, it’s sort of the wrong way round. Or is it? The inside is a decimation of Japanese Boro patchwork, while the outside is a comparatively sedate echo of the craft within. See below, you’ll get the jist…


There’s a mammoth amount going on inside. Mr Watanabe must have stayed up till a million o’clock to finish this thing. Which makes it all the more odd that the showmanship is in the lining. Still, I guess that’s the kind of subversive genius you get when you buy Junya. And I’m sure you, as I, consider the required £960, small price to pay.

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