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The God of the Wild

If this was GQ, they’d probably lead with the practicality of a lot of trouser pockets. You know, multi-media age, you’ve got a tablet, a wallet, some pens, a keyring, a phone (or as it’s GQ, two phones)… You can carry everything. In your trousers.

Thing is, since when did human beings need to be reminded about the basic function of pockets? Yes, these trousers have a bunch of pockets. But no, I wouldn’t stuff them with stuff. You’d look like Pan. You know, the God of the Wild. Oh, look him up, he’s got goat’s legs.

bleu-de-paname-pant-treillis-satin-twill-bleu-paname-3 bleu-de-paname-pant-treillis-satin-twill-bleu-paname-5 bleu-de-paname-pant-treillis-satin-twill-bleu-paname-4

What I’d do with these pockets is balls all. I’d just wear them. I’d just wear these trousers and show off the amount of pockets. But I wouldn’t use them. I wouldn’t put things in them. That would ruin the effect.

bleu-de-paname-pant-treillis-satin-twill-bleu-paname-2 bleu-de-paname-pant-treillis-satin-twill-bleu-paname-7

They’re SS15 Bleu de Paname (and yes I know I posted on this range the other day, and no they haven’t sent me any freebies and yes I just like them). Toss 135 Euros at Frenchy store Novoid Plus and they’ll be yours. They’re in cotton moleskin and feature wooden buttons – neither of which are my favourite materials, but the combined effect is pretty robust. Besides, look at all those pockets. Just think of all the stuff you could carry?

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