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A shirt for gadabouts and ne’er-do-wells

In some respects this chemise (for it is French) belongs on a barnacled old beardy, whistling Molly Malone, dragging his crab pot around M&S’s Blue Harbour. In every respect that matters, it does not.

This is an invincibly cool shirt. Short, boxy, pale denim – this is a shirt for gadabouts, ne’er-do-wells, gentlemen for whom life is consequence free and who’s packet of Fox’s Viennese is always half full. If you don’t get it, you’re in the wrong place.

bleu-de-paname-bleu-de-chauffe-denim-8oz-bleached-1 bleu-de-paname-bleu-de-chauffe-denim-8oz-bleached-2 bleu-de-paname-bleu-de-chauffe-denim-8oz-bleached-3

The bleached 8oz denim is the key. It’s suggestive of a life well lived. A life full of knocks, scrapes and unnecessary pints. This thing would look rad with a tan, a beaded necklace, a cigar and a pointlessly small coffee. A dude would look like a millionaire. But, and here’s the thing, dude doesn’t need to be a millionaire to buy this.

bleu-de-paname-bleu-de-chauffe-denim-8oz-bleached-6 bleu-de-paname-bleu-de-chauffe-denim-8oz-bleached-5 bleu-de-paname-bleu-de-chauffe-denim-8oz-bleached-4

It’s by Blue de Paname and their swing tickets are usually all about the reason. This comes in at 150 Europeans, which is 111 Britishnesses. You can grab it here or here. I think 111 is reasonable. Unless you are used to dropping in Blue Harbour. In which case sir might be more comfortable in this.

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