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Practical and inarguably sensible

As non-essential essentials go, this is right up there. Unless, I guess, you’re actually into hunting? Like, actually shooting, spearing or snaring living beasts for fun. If that’s your bag, would you mind leaving this site, you’re a 1000% prick. If on the other hand you appreciate the idea of hunting inspired menswear, but plan on using those pockets for nothing more murderous than an iPhone, some headphones, a tasteful wallet, your house keys and a packet of Extra, then please stay. The more I stare at this non-essential, it’s looking much more essential than non.

Direct from orSlow’s first Fall drop over at Alpha Shadows, this hunting (inspired) vest is rendered in camel coloured duck canvas. I’ve tried it on. And yes, it’s basically like strapping on a giant pair of pockets.

The key detail for me is the Japanese Hyogo leather fastening on the front. Bringing to mind Engineered Garments’ recent selection of buttoned straps, designed to be worn, well… all over the place basically, here we’ve just got just the one. Running across the middle, holding things together, it’s practical and inarguably sensible.

How sensible it is to choose to wear a bunch of pockets in the first place is of course debatable. In my view, peeking out from under a jacket is the best approach. It’d take a brave man to wear this as outerwear, just tossed over a long-sleeved tee, or a denim shirt. The last guy I saw who looked like that was collecting change on a Waltzer.

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