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Stick two fingers up to practicality

Rarely have the sartorial requirements of both winter and summer been exhibited so effectively in a single garment. On the bottom, it’s loose, light-weight cotton. Around the neck, a throttling knitted tube. Interesting to find a garment so vociferous in it’s desire to stick two fingers up to practicality. It’s almost as though it doesn’t want to be worn.

It’s definitely a looker though. I mean, it’s just weird – the stripy blue shirting totally at odds with the knit. Looks like something Comme des Garçons SHIRT would toss out, but actually it’s the product of little known Japanese house Digawel. You can grab it over at Covercord.

The drawstring at the hem is a nice touch, as is, I suppose the chest pocket. Neither take centre stage though. You’re either seduced by the clash of businessy cotton and roll-neck or you’re not. You can either fathom a practical occasion where you’d choose to wear this or you can’t. Not much middle ground here. Personally I’d wear this to a late summer, pub garden gathering with a disheveled bucket hat and an expression that suggests I’m both sublimely confident, yet remarkably uncomfortable.

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