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Unbecoming holdall to jacket ratio

Here’s a garment akin to the film series Sharknado, only with pockets. Pouchnado if you will. This is what happens when pockets attack. An inappropriate array of flaps on flaps on flaps. I’m all for having somewhere to stick your essentials. But I’m not that bothered about being able to transport an entire fossil collection, geological hammers and a pneumatic air scribe.

I mean, this guy looks like he’s being eaten alive by a swarm of useful purses. There’s even a huge button up pouch feeding on his back, like a bloated cotton succubus. This is John Lewis haberdashery through the eyes of William Burroughs. This is John Carpenter high on fabric softener.

The Japanese nut-cases at Kaptain Sunshine are responsible for this repulsive beauty. You can swag it over at Arch Heritage if you so wish. Personally, I think the ratio of holdall to jacket is way off. It’s basically a knapsack with arms.  I post this merely for those whom looking like a walking IKEA storage unit holds a nominal appeal.

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