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Visiting an independent printers

Taking a walk to a local independent printers to get something printed is the kind of commonplace and entirely innocuous task that, to my mind, demands a studied, premeditated approach to attire.

Where are you going to keep the precious USB stick? What if you encounter some rough terrain? What if a bloke walks towards you clearly sporting a superior garment? What if he knows he’s wearing a superior garment and just blanks you, without even once eyeballing your fit? What if you remain plagued by thoughts of what you should have worn for the rest of the day, and well into the early evening? A conundrum to be sure.

So clock my ‘visiting an independent printers’ look. And just be thankful you’re not that other guy walking towards this overcooked firestorm of menswear and insecurity.

Jacket: Meanswhile
Engineered Garments
Trousers: Bru Na Boinne
Belt: Anderson’s
Pouch: Head Porter


  1. Japanese and rare it may be, but I just can’t get with the whole pouch/bum-bag thing. Next fashion will dictate that we’re to clip our phones to the belt again and we’ll know for certain the end-times are near.

    The trousers are spot-on though.

  2. Mr Brown

    Phones on belts has always been a tit’s game.
    Whereas those of a certain vintage are always going to have a soft spot for bum bags (and their ilk).

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