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Weaponry for the sartorial braggadocio

I like the brand Tender very much. I like its ethos. I like the bedraggled, shagginess of it all, the  sheer crudity: a perfect encapsulation of vagabond chic. I don’t own any though. Never quite got to the point where 300 coins on a high-necked, high-pocketed knot of creased linen seemed like the right move.

This denim piece over at Present would at least sidestep the wrinkles. And assuming you’re happy looking like a cartoon train driver you’re in the right place.

As you’d expect, the external shabbiness belies a wealth of technical detail. The sort of nitty-gritty ‘beardy baseball caps’ like to trot out over a can of Beavertown Gamma Ray. You’ve got your 16oz Japanese Selvage Denim, a Molle-Ton finish (which provides a fleecy softness) and yellow ochre pigment dye. You’ll see custom made cotton ecru on the pocket edges and real shell Daks buttons up the chest. All of it, the ideal weaponry for the sartorial braggadocio.

For me, as much as I appreciate the details, its appeal is much simpler. It costs a fair bit, but doesn’t look like it does. ‘Stealth wealth’, you might say.

But on the other hand, look at that giant folded nappy thing on the bottom? Hardly non-conspicuous.

I guess ultimately it’s stealthy in so much as 99% of the people in your average Zizzi won’t know what it is. Just keep ’em peeled for that one hairy-faced cagoule in the corner who can’t take his eyes off your cotton ecru finishing.

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