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If you can buy it in Selfridges I’m not interested

If you enjoy this site I can make a couple of assumptions. Firstly you are interested in menswear. Secondly your ideal of what is cool will fall into one of two camps. In camp one is a guy who wants labels at least some of his mates have heard of. Norse Projects, Our Legacy, AMI, ACNE, YMC, Battenwear, Beams Plus, Nanamica maybe, perhaps even Sassafras if you’re an Oi Polloi blokey. In camp two there are tossers like me. Guys who rate the success of their purchase based on how obscure the brand is. If you can buy it in Selfridges I’m not interested. If the sales guy in Liberty has even heard of it, forget it.

For a loser like me, a garment doesn’t have to even be that exceptional, as long as it’s from a brand that’s bloody awkward to get your hands on. Exhibit one: this shirt.

Available at Coverchord in Japan, the brand is YSTRDYS TMRRW. The shirt is zippered. The brand is a spin off from Nonnative. The shirt has a big zip up the front. The brand is helmed by, Nonnative top man Takayuki Fujii’s, former assistant . The shirt fucks with zips.

The idea of zipped shirts are, I expect, fairly divisive. Catch it in your chest hair, someone pulls it down while you’re dispatching a commercially available lager drink. The issues are legion. Still, I’d wear this. Not really in love with the colour. Not into that little tag detail on the rear of the collar. I’d wear it solely in case someone asked me where it was from.


Before adding, “It’s Japanese.”

Then I’d just enjoy the mystified look on their face. As I say, I’m a proper cock.


  1. Mr Brown

    The Future Systems childrens department refit circa 2000 was very good.
    It’s a good place to buy a fridge freezer. They take ages to deliver. And knock % off every time you call to ask where it is.
    Yellow bags are good.
    The building is good. Especially the columns.
    I saw Martin Fowler of East Enders (slight) fame in there. This is more accurately sums the place up.
    No thanks.
    Until I need a new fridge freezer.

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