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A conundrum I feel I could probably have unraveled

My girl nabbed one of these bags last season. Hers is in light pink. I’ve never borrowed it. This colourway is a bit more me. Probably a bit more you too.  It’s called, “white forest printed sacoche.” Basically it looks like a camo that’s been kicked around the bins a bit.

Those of a logical persuasion might be looking at this and wondering, if the bag was full, would that cord bite into your shoulder, rendering the whole exercise one of teeth grinding discomfort? Interestingly, I can reveal the answer to that…

No“, says my girl. Adding the caveat that should you fill it with heavy things, then it might. But if you don’t, it won’t.

A conundrum I feel I could probably have unraveled myself.

The style is apparently an And Wander best seller. Which means a reasonable number of people have expressed confidence in both the bag’s inability to physically pain them and its structural integrity. I mean, let’s face it, it doesn’t look robust. Again, I quizzed my girl on this matter.

No, it’s good“, she said.

So, I guess, there you have it. It’s robust, it carries a modest amount of lightweight accoutrements and it’s in a sort of unruly camo pattern. I’d also say, it’s about the coolest bag you can carry right now.

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