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A slave to your glands

Our Legacy rarely pops up on these pages these days. Partly, I guess, because it’s so widely available. A big turn off for la-de-da label-geeks. But then Our Legacy rarely produce heavy-hitting stand-outs like this furry-as-fuck heater. I have no idea who this dude thinks he is with his thrift store shades and ‘end of the world is nigh’ demeanour, but that cardie is killing.

But you don’t need to be a hillbilly-haired sulker to pull this off. Neither, I suggest, do you need to lop this cardigan over a suede shirt. I dunno how cold it is where that guy is, but squeeze on a packed Tube in that get up and you’ll be a slave to your glands.

£240 seems fair for a concoction of mohair, alpaca and other assorted wools. It also features 
’casein’ buttons. I have no idea what they are. Google tells me casein is a protein family derived from mammalian milk, which doesn’t sound sturdy enough for a button to me. Still, it sounds good. And frankly if you’re the kind of swellheaded bro to strut about in this swank, you’re probably happy to leave facts to other people.

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