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Outdoorsy action and schizophrenic stripes

1970s flight steward. Lawrence Oates high on his own gangrene. An ostentatious viking. Squint and you can see them all in this insane gilet from Kapital.

Typical of Japanese pieces that rarely see the light of day in the UK, this is outright savagery – requiring a steely resolve to wear and an even steelier resolve to wear in a regional chain pub. Of course the young Japanese blade pictured has no such concerns. A man of more advanced years in a Stafford Wetherspoons might want to think twice. For while the fleecey material and plentiful pocketing suggest a strapping dude of outdoorsy action, the schizophrenic stripes, shiny pockets and little leather danglers suggest a bloke who’s looking for a face full of fists.

It is an amazing piece nevertheless. A bold and inventive reimagining of a cold weather classic. Round Peckham I’d swag about in this thinking I was the Prince of fucking Persia. Round Stafford I’d wear a navy sweater like everyone else. And be sure not to make eye contact with anyone’s pint.

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