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Neither the means nor the purpose

There are rarely any major upheavals in the wallet game. Simple, plain, slim: that appears to the the mandate. I’m currently rolling with a grain leather, tan number from Master-Piece. The use of cash might be on the slide, but you’ve got to have somewhere to store cards, and business receipts at the very least.

I’d argue that a bro’s wallet should be up to the same level as his garb. If your narrative includes anything from Engineered Garments to Wacko Maria you really don’t want to be addressing the bar with an over-stuffed velcro Billabong.

To be fair, you don’t want to be brandishing an ‘over-stuffed’ anything. The first rule of wallet ownership is use them only for the bare minimum. A fat wallet equals a man in chaos. The sexy bro does not carry a fan of coffee shop loyalty cards. The second rule is, never stuff them in your back trouser pocket. It’s obviously thief bait. But also the quickest way to turn a cool, neat wallet into a moist, amorphous mess is to spend 70% of your day sitting on it.

This Our Legacy wallet is, at least in wallet-terms, something of a game changer. It’s not plain. It’s Italian leather with leaves and other such foliage cut into the hide. I like it. I suspect Jim Morrison wasn’t an especially organised gentleman, but if he was, I imagine he would have carried a wallet like this – inside pocket of his leather jacket, stuffed with off licence coupons.

Onboard there’s a bonded nappa leather lining, slots for cards and a branded snap button closure. It’s a very attractive object. And I’d like to buy it. But sadly I have no money to buy this, nor would I have any money to carry in it. I currently have neither the means nor the purpose. Which, by virtue of this site’s traditional policy, means it’s so fucking superfluous, it’s essential.

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