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Dragged a couple more times around the cowshed

As a blatant signifier of your anti-establishment sartorialism, it doesn’t come more blatant than this. Looking like it’s gone 12 rounds against a boxer made of Brillo Pads, this Kapital denim cardie has the slovenly look of a downhearted physics professor and the audacity of an unyielding combatant. It’s the antithesis of mainstream, Kardashian inspired trash. While simultaneously looking like it belongs in a bin.


It’s part of Kapital’s “Kountry” collection, a sub-brand of the already distress-heavy Kapital mainline, just one that’s been dragged a couple more times around the cowshed. And contrary to the condescending nature of my tone, I fucking love this shit.


As is often the case with many pieces I gab about, while this is called a shirt, to most western eyes it’ll look like a cardie or a jacket of sorts. It’s a Kimono style piece basically. And it won’t have escaped your notice that while it’s mostly denim, it’s got corduroy collar detail which appears to have survived numerous suicide attempts.

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It’s available over at The Bureau for a robust £335. A figure that, frankly, I hope puts you off. The ‘physics professor assaulted in a cowshed’ look is my vibe.

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