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A barbarous way with patchwork

Either this is the garb of an Osakan swaglord, or the gimmicky get-up of your ‘crazy’ uncle at a family barbecue? Difficult to say really. To the undereducated, this bellows bad jokes, under-cooked lamb chops and stories about, “puffing on the wacky baccy.” Those in the know however, will recognise the barbarous way with patchwork as being a Japanese signature. In this case, from the demented souls over at Kaptain Sunshine.

Of course, it’s all about context really. Stick a 45-plus bro in this and accessorise with a beer gut, some cargo shorts, a polythene bag of buns and a spatula and it’s a face- reddeningly whack spectacle. Stick a younger guy in this and kick him through Goodhood for the rest; he’s gonna look pretty fire.

kaptain shirt.002

With all the Junyas, Kapitals, Blue Blue Japans and Needles doing this kind of reckless patchworkery, it kind of begs the question, how much more of this quilting bee chic do we need? And beg that question you may. Thing is, I can’t get enough of it. Whether you’re a burger tossing ‘used-to-be’, or a bright-young ‘fucking-am’, brighter weather brings out the peacock in us all. My advice is get involved. Wear with confidence. And remember, someone, somewhere in the world is wearing this too and feeling just as self-conscious as you are.



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  1. Mr Brown

    Only the strong survive.
    I think this is relevant.
    Either way – nice shirt.

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