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A reflection of a fabulous lifestyle

While the fashion high street wrings the 90’s flannel for ever more inspiration, it’s pleasing to find OTHER/Shop consistently pushing the 80s hard. Their latest brand Fanmail is designed and manufactured in NYC and any label that supports the made in USA cause is all right by me. Of course it helps that the range is tight. There’s a killer tan sweat, which would be my choice to combat the inevitable summer ubiquity of Our Legacy’s pastels. But I’m also seriously down with these trousers. They’re a lock for a dude wanting to roll like Robert Downey in Less Than Zero.


There are a bunch of draw-string trousers out there now, but these, with their snazzy D-ring self-belt are more dressy than most. The more common army-inspired, utilitarian vibe is absent leaving these trousers fully rooted in global suave-ery. They’re for poolside flirtations, tropical discos and a steady decent into cocaine dependency.

other-hanger-24.03.16-raw-592-copy-1 other-hanger-24.03.16-raw-594-copy-1 other-hanger-24.03.16-raw-595-copy-1

Sure, these things have a couple of chunky patch pockets on the rear. But seriously, who’d fuck the line of these slacks by actually putting anything in them? They demand to remain empty. Flat, hollow and meaningless. A reflection of the fabulous lifestyle they were designed for.

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