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The inside of Ross Kemp’s brain woven into a coat

It’s not every day you see foolishness at this level. Check this fucking hysteria of camo. Different camos, for different moods. But all in one place. It’s like the inside of Ross Kemp’s brain woven into a coat. It’s magnificent.

Not only have you got an absurd palette of camouflages going on, but there are pockets amundo. Look at the back of it… there’s a shirt stitched on there with its pockets and at the hem there are, what looks like at least, another couple of flaps pockets. What’s with all the back pocketing? You’ve have to take your coat fully off to retrieve anything from there. Or be fucking bendy.


Anyway, for those that care, it’s by Needles and it’s also packing a button-down front, corduroy spread collar, a single chest pocket with vintage zipper and button-up cuffs.


I’m not sure what practical use this this camouflage jacket would have in an actual warzone? I mean, you’d probably stick the fuck out quite a bit. I reckon, it’d probably only be useful during the odd occasion a firefight actually broke out in a fabric factory that specialised in producing a large variety of different camouflages. Not entirely sure how frequently that kind of shit goes down?

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