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Store visit: Envoy of Belfast

While in Belfast a few weeks back I visited The Bureau, my favourite menswear store. But also probably the best womenswear store I’ve ever seen, Envoy of Belfast. The two stores originally grew out of the same location at 4 Wellington Street, but while The Bureau relocated further out of town, Envoy remains; entirely womenswear, entirely like a female version of The Bureau and entirely full of premium garmenture.

Admittedly this site’s focus is almost always menswear and menswearness, but Envoy of Belfast demands exception. If you’re the kind of goon who ranks his social status by the percentage of self-tanned bits and bobs protruding from his girlfriend’s get-ups, you’re not gonna like Envoy.

The rest of us can appreciate the loose silhouettes and the focus on fabric, finish and hue. Simple crisp cotton poplins and seersuckers from the US, silk crepes from Italy, wind resistant nylons and mutilated polyesters from Japan. The brands? Many you’ll be familiar with (VISVIM, Engineered Garments FWK, Kapital) many you may not (& Daughter, Vas Blomme, Hyke.)  If the ladies in your life are not shopping here already, give them a nudge. This is quite simply the best menswear shop not for men there is.




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