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Becoming subordinate to your own outfit

How long have I been looking for a pair of shorts with a colourful Tyrolean-inspired woven detail running down and off the leg seam? It’s difficult to apply a time scale to the question. But if forced I’d say around 0.27 seconds. I’ve just seen these and now I want them. I have no doubt that I’d look like a guy who’s had his trouser legs ripped off while trying to paint a moving Waltzer. But then I’m sure GQ said that was a big look for summer.

Made in Japan from deadstock French army trousers, they’re by the brand Niche – I can honestly say, I’ve never seen anything like them.

As with Needles Rebuild and other such vintage reimaginations, each pair is different, so your size will have a baring on which styles are available to you. But as they’re all as uniformly berserk as each other, I can’t see a downside.

I think that subduing their lunacy with something clean and simple up top and some unadorned box fresh kicks might be advised. Let the shorts do their work in other words. Teaming these with anything too busy and you’ll be in danger of becoming subordinate to your own outfit.

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