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You’re on your own

Sure, there’s something of the ornithologist about this – tucked away in a hide, peering at a Kittiwake, tin foil parcel of cheese and cucumber triangles just an arm’s reach away. But look past the moss green and the hood and you’ll discover an abundance of Japanese tricksiness. Fiddly, desirable details, the sort that get menswearists refreshing their PayPal balance.

It’s a very specific 78% Cotton / 22% Nylon, this Salvy; parka. A combination that conjures up that most appealing of prospects, a garment which manages to be both light and quick to dry after a drenching. There’s a robust Waldes half zip, yep, it’s an over the head job. And concealed brass snap fastenings. For me though, it’s the clean inverted pleat detail on the front and back that make it. That and the fact that the front pockets are secreted invisibly within.

Worn at the hips with a longer piece of outerwear worn underneath is the way to go. It’ll provide an unexpected and progressive looking layering of hemlines. Although, when it comes to yanking the top layer off, over your head, in a busy and rapidly overheating Slug and Lettuce, you’re on your own.

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