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Eastlogue: Far from conventional, but is it unconventional enough?

Big Eastlogue and Unaffected drops over at South Korea’s Fr8ight. There’s something interesting going on here — a corduroy jacket with cable knit sleeves that definitely looks better worn than on the hanger. But I’m going to play it safe today and spotlight this over-shirt.

It’s Eastlogue, it’s multi-corduroy and it’s the kind of no nonsense piece you can just toss on and go. It’s new, but it feels familiar. Even a bit old school. Built for sitting around with a group of blokey men, sipping on pints, discussing The Sweeney and chuckling about girl’s bottoms.

I should like it. It’s practical of course, nice and cozy for the cooler days ahead and those four layered pockets up front scream Eastlogue to those in the know. I’m just struggling to get over a nagging sense of the humdrum. It’s far from a conventional shirt, but is it unconventional enough?

Eastlogue call it a Fatigue Shirt, drawing inspiration from U.S. Army outfitting during the Vietnam War. It’s a sentiment I feel I’ve written on these pages thousands of times before. Old army, old preppy, old workman gear — new fabrics, modernised silhouette, fresh details. Perhaps I’ve just reached peak-utilitarian? By now haven’t we all got racks of shirts and jackets with a military back-story and more pockets than strictly necessary?

Maybe it’s just today. Probably I’m just in an odd mood. But looking at this shirt makes me feel like I’m ending a relationship — it’s not you it’s me. Or perhaps it just doesn’t feel dressy enough for where my head’s at right now? This is one of those pieces that no matter how you wear it, it’ll always look nuclear-casual. See how the t-shirt peaks from the fully buttoned-up neck — neither one thing nor the other. It’s one of those niggling sartorial ambiguities that always sits awkwardly with me.

As I say, maybe it’s just today. It’s a cool shirt right? So what am I waffling on about? I blame Covid. And Johnson. And Trump. And the economy. And the green house gasses. Anything but my own unimpeachable views on clothing.

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