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And then there are the Thunderbirds

The temptation with the brand Kapital is to spotlight the most freaky-ass pieces. The curious and downright haunting stuff; weird bipartisan love-ins between hand-wrought denim and acute schizophrenia. Yet arguably you’ll uncover the best the brand has to offer in the more restrained garments. Frequent wear, pleasing antiquing and a relationship that eclipses the whims of fashion. This, I think, is such a piece.


It’s in indigo dyed linen which has been weathered, giving a cloudy, variegated finish. Not enough to look worn out, just a pleasing sense of character and depth. The baggy shape is complimented by a couple of pockets and a leathery, beaded zip-pull. And then there are the Thunderbirds.

kapital-kountry-idg-linen-zip-blouson-idg-2_2048x2048 kapital-kountry-idg-linen-zip-blouson-idg-6_2048x2048

Found throughout Native American Indian cultures, the Thunderbird is a mythical creature. A Navajo legend tells of a large eagle-like bird that once lifted a warrior up onto a Winged Rock. That’s all I could be bothered to research. But, let’s be honest, for all my talk of more ‘restrained’ Kapital, it wouldn’t be Kapital without something a bit bonk-bonk plastered all over it.

kapital-kountry-idg-linen-zip-blouson-idg-7_2048x2048 kapital-kountry-idg-linen-zip-blouson-idg-4_2048x2048

Assuming timelessness is even achievable within the hair-trigger flip-flopping of the style landscape, I maintain this is as close as you’re going to get. I can imagine wearing this in ten years time and still fielding inquisitions as to its heritage. Unusual, but wearable. Ultimately what any visitors to this site are looking for.

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