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The thing pensioners wear on a Megabus to York

Arguably so unfashionable they’re fashionable, these Marty McFly meets Chris Packham bongboots have got me scratching my carabiners. Are these wearable? Would they actually look good within a rig-out of airy Engineered Garments, orSlow and Needles? Or have I just been seduced once more by the different? Are these really just the kind of thing pensioners wear on a Megabus to York, but with fancy Japanese branding?

I expect a number of you will presume the latter. But contrary to any semblance of objective thinking I’ve got them in my head now. I know they look like they come from Millets. But I sort of don’t care. In fact I sort of like that they do. I imagine that if worn within an outfit of more obvious modernity (Nepenthes style, multi-hem layering say) then, within that context, they’d look rather progressive and interesting. Within in the context of three-quarter length cargo pants, a short-sleeved Debenhams shirt and a faux leather money belt, probably less so.

They’re by RWF (formally Rhythm Footwear) and at only $155 I think they offer a strong budget Visvim-ish vibe. Garbstore in the UK offer a selection of the brand’s low-tops (which if I’m honest, I think are too tricksy for their own good) but you’ll have to look to Blue In Green in NYC, or the brand direct in Japan to grab these.


  1. james

    If you really do want to be forward thinking and different then go with the cargo kecks and debenhams shirt. How many other fellas do you think youre going to see dressed like that round london? imagine the sense of oneupmanship from their total confusion

  2. Mr Brown

    Big early 90’s vibe, less tambourine than biker boots and large shirts.

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