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A weird hybrid of martial arts and soldiering

In manufacturing that jiving dude gif above, I became aware of two things. One, I’m extremely jealous of his ‘top rocking’ dance ability. Two, his skinny jeans and slender booties totally bring into perspective the voluminous nature of this jacket. It’s all sorts of mad-flappy and big. Personally, I’d roll with a fuller, straighter cut trouser than this guy. And those shoes can do one. But as an illustration of both oversized outerwear and a fundamental of B-boying, I’m quite pleased with what’s going on up there.

grei-convertible-karate-jacket-midnight-blue-aw16-front-flat-meyvn-chicago_1024x1024 grei-convertible-karate-jacket-midnight-blue-aw16-detail-pose-meyvn-chicago_1024x1024

Bit bonkers this. It’s from Grei, a Brooklyn based operation specialising in an artisanal approach, incorporating hand-dying techniques and eastern influences. I quite dig what they’re about, although I don’t think you can buy it directly from anyone UK-side. It’s a shame, because a glance at Union Made or Meyvn in the US, reveals a collection of strong casual separates, unified by a love for all things capacious and comfortable.


This piece is billed over on Meyvn as being, “half-M65, half karate jacket” and with those patch pockets up top it’s easy to see why. Certainly it’s a weird hybrid of martial arts and soldiering. Meyvn choose to reference John Rambo in their write up, I would have thought Chuck Norris in Missing In Action would be more apt.

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